Dr. Véronique G Dorval

After 10 years as an academic medical specialist in the fields of neonatology, pediatrics and neurodevelopment, I took the challenging decision to slow down my pace of life, for my well-being and that of my 4 daughters. I retrained in aesthetic medicine, a field I am most passionate about and a medicine that is more in line with my artistic sensibilities.

I diligently undertook numerous training courses and fellowships across Canada, which have enabled me to quickly transpose my meticulous dexterity and technical and clinical skills to this new field of practice.

Perfectionist by nature, I am sensitive to my patients' needs to have their beauty enhanced without compromise. Acutely aware of its transformative power, restoring the confidence of my patients in their appearance is my new mission.

Certified by the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine, the Canadian Council of Aesthetic Medicine and by the Canadian Botox and Filler Course, I am also a fervent defender of patients' rights to a safe and evidence-based aesthetic medicine.

At the end of my training, I have decided to partner up with Dr Yves Hébert to expand the aesthetic medicine and the hair restoration program, and to develop the “women's sexual wellness” program at the clinic.

When I am not with my patients, you can find me surrounded by my family and friends, playing various sports, travelling the world with either a book or guitar in my hands...