A win-win partnership!

One of the great keys to success in business, as in marriage, is building a win-win partnership. It is with this in mind that I proudly announce my partnership with Dr. Véronique G Dorval.

After 30 years of a full time practice in aesthetic medicine, profession that I love and respect, I still feel the "passion" and the curiosity to learn, to evolve, and to open up my horizons, in this constantly changing and stimulating medico-aesthetic world!

Without wanting to brag about myself, I can say that I am one of the "pioneers" of aesthetic medicine in Canada, having been at the forefront of the meteoric developments of this practice. I got involved very early on with CAAM (Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine) where I sat on the executive board until 2019, in addition to being its president from 2009 to 2012. This experience allowed me to travel across Canada and follow the evolution of the profession from a unique position. My most important legacy, and of which I am proud, is the creation of a training program for physicians wishing to move into aesthetic medicine. This training was sorely lacking before and therefore served to enhance the practice by adding quality and safety standards for our patients.

More recently, I had the privilege of being part of the task force that the College of Physicians of Quebec set up and whose work led to the drafting of the `` Guide on aesthetic medicine '' published in 2018 and regularly updated. This guide is now the reference for any doctor practicing aesthetic medicine. In the wake of the changes introduced by this document, in the past few years I have devoted a lot of time to teaching new learners.

It was in this latter context that Dr. Dorval and I met. She was a student of mine during one of my aesthetics training. We quickly felt that we shared the same humanistic values, the same vision of the aesthetic medicine and the same ways of being, with integrity and respect, towards patients, staff and all the people around us.

It is important to add that Dr. Dorval has quite a professional background since she is, or rather was, a university neonatologist-pediatrician-neuro-developmentalist! A very rigorous and scientific training that blends perfectly with his human side, warm and attentive to people’s needs!

Very quickly we developed complicity and mutual respect, and began to dream of many projects that are now in the making, including:

  • Our partnership
  • The expansion of the hair restoration program
  • The introduction of services for women's sexual health and well-being
  • The creation of the Institute for Clinical Research in Women's Sexual Health and Well-being
  • The development of a preventive aesthetic medicine component

With the expansion of our services, the Clinic is therefore experiencing a renewal. A renovation and computerization project and professional development plans for our staff are also on the table.

For my part, I bring and share my rich experience and my unique expertise and from hers, Dr. Dorval brings her leadership, her energy and her academic diligence. We come together in our values ​​and in our dedication to our patients and our business.

This is what I call a win-win partnership and we hope that many of you will benefit from it!

Looking forward to seeing you grow with us!

Yves Hébert, MD