3 Reasons Thread Lifts Are a Face’s Best Friend

Why are Thread Lifts all the Rage?

At Médecine Esthétique Drs Hébert et Dorval our clinic has seen an uptick in clients seeking PDO thread lift treatments. Honestly, we are not surprised. There are three big reasons that people have begun to turn to thread lifts to meet their skin rejuvenation needs: they are faster, cheaper, and safer than traditional surgical facelifts. They are also remarkably effective at giving impressive results with minimal to no downtime.

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Faster: In just one simple visit to our clinic, our team can perform your thread lift procedure. Treatment times are only 1-2 hours long and most patients can go about their days as usual right after they step out of our clinic. Downtime typically means minor bruising and swelling for 7-14 days, while results begin immediately. As the lifts also help boost collagen production and neovascularization resulting in natural tightening and rejuvenation of the skin, full results take between 1-2 months to develop.

Cheaper: compared to costly operations such as surgical facelifts, thread lifts start at around just $1,500. We advocate this treatment ourselves because the cost-to-benefit ratio is well worth it. Starting in the thousands of dollars, invasive facelifts also have more risks, have a long downtime and may not be necessary for most candidates who do not require significant restructuring of the face.

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Safer: Thread lifts have been available for decades as a trusted solution for skin rejuvenation. Millions of patients have enjoyed their benefits without serious side effects. There are minor risks of bruising, thread breakage, thread extrusion, fever, or infection, all of which are normally minimal if they become evident. Most patients do not feel any discomfort before two weeks have gone by. In comparison, there is a far lower risk factor when compared to surgical facelifts.

Do Thread Lifts Hurt?

Because of the nature of the procedure, the entire treatment is painless. To ensure optimal comfort, we use a topical numbing agent and a local anesthetic. We apply Lidocaine to « freeze » the insertion site. During the brief recovery time, patients may notice minor soreness. There is no going under the knife, so for those who dislike pain or the risk of serious scarring, PDO threads are a great alternative. This is why the average recovery time is so short.

For anyone with a fear or dislike of needles, do not picture the needles often used in medical settings. PDO thread needles are exceptionally fine and are less invasive. Most people can carry about their daily tasks right after they walk out of the clinic.

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How Long Do Results Last?

Even though the threads dissolve on their own in 6-9 months, collagen stimulation continues for most patients. This catalyzes the renewal of skin naturally at the cellular level, further enhancing the texture and complexion of skin while helping it maintain its elasticity. This helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for as long as 18 months. Thread lifts have become one of our most popular procedures at Médecine Esthétique Drs Hébert et Dorval as an alternative to going under the knife. Especially good candidates are those who are just noticing signs of ageing or skin damage and want to reduce them before their especially noticeable.

Before any treatment, please book a consultation with one of our experts to see if thread lifts are the best fit for you.

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Our clinic is happy to offer you this service, hair restoration and other aesthetic and medical services and provide you with professional advice to give you the best results possible, with confidence. At Médecine Esthétique Drs Hébert et Dorval, our team of Drs, are proud in providing clients with thread lifts and believe that their benefits and efficacy will leave you feeling satisfied, beautiful, and youthful.

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