More on the dangers of laser hair removal by non-medical providers

A few days after posting here on my blog about the dangers of laser hair removal by non-medical providers, CTV’s W5 made public the shocking results of an investigation on the unregulated world of cosmetic and hair removal lasers and the dangers they represent for the general population when performed in non-medical environments:

W5 Investigation: The painful side to laser skin treatments | CTV News.

The broadcast brings to our attention with distressing testimonials the inadequacy in the training of non-medical providers and their incompetence. Bogus ‘’institutes’’ often deliver qualification certificates after only one hour of very basic and dangerously insufficient training and the management of severe complications (burns, discolorations, scars) is non-existent. It is frightening that this is happening every day leaving naïve patients disfigured and psychologically traumatized by a technology that is supposed to improve their appearance!
I hope that regulatory bodies like Health Canada and the Colleges of Physician across the country will take note of the message delivered by W5 and that eventually all laser treatments will be recognized as medical acts requiring competent providers and medical supervision.
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