Rejuvenate Tear Troughs to Achieve a Better Look for 2023

Where are your Tear Troughs?

Maybe you, like many people, suffer from pronounced tear troughs. What are tear troughs and how do they affect a large number of people around the world? These are the deep creases evident between our lower eyelids and upper cheeks, where recesses can cast deep shadows. They often create a tired appearance and are associated with making us look older or underslept.

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These «hollowed out» «bags under the eyes» can result from ageing, sun exposure, lifestyle habits and even genetics. It’s usually due to a loss of volume and a deeper hue in that region than the rest of a person’s face that greatly pronounces this unwanted feature. It affects people of a wide range of ages- even people in their 20s! This means that even young people can be susceptible to pronounced tear troughs, causing them to prematurely look older.

If you’re one of the many people who dislike the appearance of their tear troughs, we’ve got a great non-invasive, simple treatment that’s perfect for you. Our filler injections help to restore this lack of volume- and the treatment takes less than 30 minutes! It’s a great non-surgical solution that our medical clinic offers to fulfil your needs.

What can a Tear Trough Treatment Achieve?

Treatment for tear troughs can reduce the appearance of dark circles and shadows, plump up hollowness, support preexisting tissue in the region and improve the texture of the area. Overall, it supports a fuller, tighter look that helps clients achieve the best version of themselves. Many of our patients have enjoyed a more refreshed, youthful look from this acclaimed treatment option.

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So what exactly does the treatment involve? A hyaluronic acid gel injection (dermal fillers) is used to boost collagen production in the targeted area. Best of all, this is a naturally occurring substance that our body produces itself to rejuvenate and restore our facial skin on a molecular level. This is a less invasive option compared to a tear trough surgery, where there’s no going under the knife. The area is simply numbed with a topical anesthetic creme and then injections by a small needle are made. The full injection time usually takes only 10-15 minutes.

The benefits of the tear troughs procedure using dermal fillers last at least 6 months, but often between 1-2 years. New injections may be needed every year or so to maintain the results. Side effects are rare and often minimal; sometimes bruising, swelling or small bumps can be evident during the first few weeks after each treatment.

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What to Consider about this Treatment

While anyone can undergo this simple procedure, the best results often occur for people with skin that is already healthy and thick in the region. Excess skin or fat in the targeted area may require more attention to be resolved effectively. Patients should ensure that they are free of infection and otherwise healthy before considering this treatment.

As always, it is essential that a trained medical professional be consulted and entrusted to perform the injection of dermal tear trough fillers. Our medispa and aesthetic medical clinic has fully qualified, experienced professionals who have performed this procedure many times successfully. Our high rate of satisfied clients speaks for itself!

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Your next step is to call our medical professional team to first book a consultation. We’ll determine what the best solution for your unique needs will be, and help you to decide if this treatment is the right fit for you. So if you’re determined to reduce those undereye bags that plague so many Canadians, call us today. Our team will be more than happy to assist you and share our insight to get you the best results possible!