Wrinkles: The 2 Kinds and How to Conquer Them

As we age, wrinkles are a fact of life. Our collagen production declines and reduced elasticity makes skin sag and crease as it gives in to gravity. As we get older, the youthful volume in our facial features also wanes. On top of that, lifestyle choices also affect the skin. Smoking, excessive sun exposure, nutrition, stress levels and amount of sleep can all accelerate the signs of ageing.

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The Battle With Wrinkles

Despite all of this working against your plan to stay youthful and radiant long into life, wrinkles can be dealt with. Their visibility can be greatly reduced. You can look beyond the positive outcomes of taking care of yourself. There are myriad treatments that help reverse the effects of ageing and wrinkle forming. It doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Did you know that there are 2 types of wrinkles? It's true, and if you indentify which type you're trying to address, you can choose a treatment that will work best for you. Drs Hébert and Dorval and our team of medico-aesthetic technicians have tailored their procedure options to suit your skin rejuvenation needs. Dynamic and staticwrinkles, the two types, are both treatable at our clinic.

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Dynamic Versus Static

When you make facial expressions, dynamic wrinkles become visible. They're the creases that develop in areas with repeated facial movements. This includes frown lines, forehead lifts, lip lines and smile creases. Think crow's feet or furrows between your brows when you squint in the sun.

While Dynamic wrinkles start small and initially only appear when flexing these muscles, they become static over time. Continued straining of these facial regions deepens the crevices, slowly making them permanent. Once permanent, they become increasingly visible and pronounced.

Wrinkles that are static appear commonly at the corners of the mouth, across the cheeks and along the neck. They permanently plant into the skin over time against the pressures of time and gravity. Collagen production lessens, volume naturally depletes and creases and lines deepen.

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The good news is that there are a number of treatments our clinic offers. They can help significantly reduce the severity of wrinkles at any stage. You can book a consultation with our team and discover the clinical options that are at your fingertips. Our professional team will help you look younger again. Discover the benefits of our state-of-the-art equipment at our new Medispa location.

How to be a Wrinkle Conqueror

For Dynamicwrinkles, our team recommends treatments from the botox and neuromodulator families. These simple, non-invasive injections both relax the underlying movement of facial muscles. They help to ease these contractions. This lessens the forces that cause the premature formation of lines and creases. This facial rejuvenation option needs no surgery or going under the knife. It’s clinically approved and considered safe.

Wrinkles that are static are often trickier to remove, given their depth and depending on their severity. There are multiple options that a patient can consider. Dermal fillers for example are injected under the skin and can help to plumpen the skin. Chemical skin peels are also a useful option as they remove layers of old surface skin, stimulating collagen production and creating a more radiant complexion.

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Maybe you’re looking for a deeper treatment that is still non-surgical. We offer Morpheus8 and Venus Legacy technology for deep facial rejuvenation. It penetrates into the subdermal layers, producing collagen boosting naturally. The look of static wrinkles and fine lines diminishes over time. The positive effects will last for months and the procedure is safe and quick.

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Sometimes our team recommends a combination of treatments that together help you look younger and feel confident in your skin. By contacting our clinic, you can book a consultation with one of our professionals. Our team is happy to assist you with any inquiries and help you feel confident with your cosmetic options.