Venus Legacy: Our #1 Choice to Achieve Smooth Skin

Our team with its new Medispa location is excited to share its new cutting-edge enhancing and contouring technology, designed to give patients the best in facial and body treatment. One of our impressive new devices is the Venus Legacy. We're pleased to explain how this new solution to cellulite could be the answer you've been waiting for.

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Cellulite: the Skin Smoothness Enemy

During the glorious and fleeting summer season, many of us wear more revealing clothing. We all know that the better in shape our bodies are and the nicer our skin, it’s likely the more confident we feel. Unfortunately, things like cellulite can really set us back. What is cellulite? It's that uneven, dimply complexion that often burdens all of the areas we want to show off more during summer. The hips, thighs, butt and abdomen reveal the most cellulite, with a lumpy appearance.

Around 80-90% of all women have moderate to high levels of cellulite. It also affects many men. This means that most of us suffer from these pockets of fat. In a clinical sense, cellulite is fatty pockets. Connective tissue bands deep under the skin pull down on these pockets. This becomes the effect that causes this undesired rippling appearance. Many things can cause cellulite, so it's a feature that is difficult to escape naturally. Hormones, diet, accumulated toxins, genetics, ageing, weight gain, pregnancy and inactivity can all increase cellulite deposits.

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Venus Legacy Tackles Cellulite

So if it's so widely prevalent, are there ways to reduce or even remove cellulite? The answer is yes! Today, Venus Legacy offers our clients better results with greater comfort. It is a state-of-the-art device that takes cellulite reduction to a whole new level of visible smoothness. With over 9 million procedures happening each year, it is a popular choice among clients. We're very excited to introduce this new device to our Medispa clinic.

Venus Legacy boasts a high satisfaction rating with more effective treatments, paired with more comfortable applicators. This means that with fewer treatments, you'll see better results faster and with more comfort than less modern devices. There are also multiple applicator use options. This enables contour accuracy and better location pinpointing for any area of the body and face.

This technology is, in our opinion, the best available option for skin tightening and body contouring. It is a professional cellulite treatment that's painless, effective and safe. Best of all, it's a non-invasive medical procedure that gives results quickly. It's available for all skin types and requires no downtime, meaning patients can return home or to work right after a treatment session.

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How It Works

The Venus Legacy devices use cutting-edge Multi-Polar Radio Frequency paired with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields. These paired with the unique applicators work to heat multiple tissue layers, thereby stimulating the body's fibroblasts. Lipolysis is activated throughout the layers of subcutaneous fat. In other words, fatty tissue breakdown is accelerated. At the same time, the promotion of angiogenesis and collagen synthesis work to tighten skin, boost elasticity and induce overall cellulite reduction.

The increased depth of skin penetration and heating results in faster treatment times and a more significant effect on deeper tissue. A pulsed suction motion works to ensure effective and accurate targeting of problem areas. The body's reaction can assist with fat reduction, tightening and even wrinkle reduction. For sensitive areas like the face and neck, signs of ageing can be reduced and even reversed.

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There are no disposable parts involved with the device, so eco-minded clients will be happy to know that waste consumption is a non-issue with Venus Legacy. Our team at DHD is confident that this new technology is what many patients have been looking for to remove stubborn cellulite and unwanted fatty deposits. To inquire about using this device or combining it with additional treatment options, please contact our professional team of technicians today and book a consultation.

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