Facial redness is a benign manifestation of a skin condition, rosacea, and results in the presence of superficial vascular dilatation that gives the face a red complexion, especially in the cheeks, nose and chin. Rosacea, for its part, is accompanied by more intense signs with acne lesions and progressive thickening of the skin of the face (especially on the nose and chin). Most of the time, the only obvious clinical sign is a diffuse redness of the face that is aggravated by heat, cold, spicy foods, coffee and alcohol. Despite the very benign nature of rosacea, it remains that it affects the quality of life of many patients who may develop a severe complex


Rosacea responds very well to treatments with Intense Pulsed Light. This very safe technology is not new and has proven itself. It's about targeting the skin with a very intense beam of light.

This light is attracted by the red pigments present in the small dilated vessels of the skin and eliminates them gradually over the 3-4 sessions that are usually required. At the clinic, we use the BBL® technology with the "Forever Young" protocol that employs intense pulsed light in a very selective and effective way for faster resolution of the redness. This approach does not involve any risk if it is applied to individuals with relatively pale skin and especially not tanned. The treatment lasts only a few minutes and is not painful. It will be enough to apply an anesthetic cream before the treatment to make it more comfortable.


The aging of the skin and the unprotected exposure to the sun are the main causes of benign brown spots that appear over time in the most exposed places of the body, namely the face, hands and décolleté. It is important for the doctor to carefully examine the lesions to differentiate between benign and more dangerous skin conditions, such as precancerous lesions and cancers.


The brown spots also respond very well to the Intense Pulsed Light. In this case, the light beam is programmed so that it has an attraction for the brown pigments deposited in the spots to erase them gradually. The "Forever Young" protocol with BBL® technology is, again, very effective and selective in the control of brown spots.