3-6 Laser Hair Removal Sessions Blast Hair for Good - Dr Yves Hebert

Épilation au Laser, beauté, poils indésirables

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Avouons-le, raser et épiler les poils n’importe où sur notre corps est intimidant. Toutes les quelques semaines ou même quelques jours, nous dépensons du temps et de l’argent et souffrons parfois de chaume, de poils incarnés et de brûlures du rasoir, juste pour avoir une peau «lisse». Pour certains d’entre nous, nos cheveux épais et noirs semblent ne jamais disparaître parce-qu’ils repoussent immédiatement après les avoir enlevés. Ces correctifs temporaires, surtout pendant l’été où nous avons tendance à révéler plus de peau plus souvent, ne sont pas des solutions durables.

That’s where laser hair removal comes in. It offers clients a long-lasting, sometimes permanent option for extended hair reduction safely and effectively. If you’ve been longing for silky-smooth skin that lasts and lasts, look no further. This time of year is ideal to get started on getting rid of pesky thick, dark hair once and for all. Most areas of the body can be treated to address any area where there is unwanted hair present.

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What is the Process?

Laser Hair Removal is effective at any age. Our clinic uses the Cynosure LHR machine for laser hair treatments. Sessions with this machine are most effective on darker hair with lighter skin types, so patients should keep in mind that darker skin types may not receive effective treatments that are optimized for their skin complexion.

The process involves a concentrated laser that pulses heat which is absorbed by the pigmentation in hairs. The heat is then converted into heat within the hair follicle, damaging or inhibiting the future growth of hair.

Patients have reported temporary irritation and mild discomfort. Pain is most commonly at a bare minimum and tends to lessen with each consecutive session. Because your wellness and satisfaction are our main priorities, our Medispa technicians will provide you with a special cooling system to ensure the most comfort possible. Mild swelling or redness may occur but goes away quickly.

Choosing DHD for Laser Hair Removal

The DHD Medispa and aesthetic clinic is in fact one of the pioneers of laser hair removal in Quebec! We’ve been offering this procedure to clients since 1995, and thus are some of the most experienced technicians in Canada. Our team has been passionate about offering this permanent solution to Canadians because we firmly believe in its superiority compared to waxing or shaving.

Épilation au Laser, beauté, poils indésirables aisselles

We use Cynosure Elite Dual Wavelength technology, highly acclaimed and tried, tested and true. A clinic’s machinery is still far more effective than at-home laser hair removal kits, and our professional team really knows what it’s doing. You can receive some of the best treatment in the country following a simple, free consultation with a specialized technician from our team.

Our team is available to help you decide if laser hair removal is ideal for you. Contact us to book your consultation and inquire with any additional questions you may have.

What to Expect

Depending on the area selected for laser hair removal, each session takes between 5 minutes to an hour. Smaller areas like the upper lip or armpits require less time due to the surface area targeted, whereas full legs will take more time. Most patients will require between 3 and 6 sessions, but everyone varies and some clients will need more visits.

Épilation au Laser, beauté, poils indésirables

You can expect a gradual decrease in the thickness of hair, the quantity of hair and the speed of regrowth even after the first session. Less stubble, rashes and ingrown hairs can be enjoyed at last! Following multiple sessions, fully hairless areas can be enjoyed for months to years. For some, hair will never regrow in those areas again. For others, occasional maintenance sessions may be required in the future.

We are happy to assist you on your laser hair removal journey! This is one of our specialties with a high rate of satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more and book your consultation so you can be ready by summer to stun with your smooth, scrumptious, radiant skin.