30 Minute Excessive Sweating Treatment now Available at our clinic

We have probably all experienced a day where our body sweat embarrassed us. It is a natural bodily function to perspire when overheating when we feel stress or after the exertion of energy. Nonetheless, it can be the cause of social anxiety as it is sometimes seen as unattractive. While some people sweat minimally, others unfortunately, excrete it in excess even if they haven’t just been active or feel too hot. Overactive sweat glands are a response that goes beyond triggers from nervousness, stress, or exertion.

hyperhidrosis woman sweat armpits botox

This condition of excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can negatively affect quality of life. It can soak through clothes, drip off hands, and disrupt daily activities. The forehead, armpits, feet, and hands are commonly affected areas in varying degrees. This condition affects around 3% of Canadians, so if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you are not alone!

No Sweat- We’ve Got You Covered

Hyperhidrosis is a treatable condition. There are prescription antiperspirants available that can reduce sweating, but do not work for every person. In the past, the people who required more than antiperspirant would have to rely on a surgical procedure that removes the sweat glands. Today, there is a botox treatment that reduces this excessive sweating. It’s fast becoming the most popular method to tackle hyperhidrosis.

Why is this a more desirable option? It’s known to reduce hyperhidrosis by up to 90% even though it’s a simple procedure. It inhibits the overproduction of sweat by disconnecting the nerve reactions responsible for the gland’s stimulation. Botox for hyperhidrosis is safe, effective, and long-lasting. There is a high satisfaction rate, with clients boasting an immediate boost of confidence and improved emotional and physical wellbeing.

How Does it Work?

It’s non-surgical, meaning patients can return to their daily activities quickly and feel minimal pain during the procedure. Using small-caliber needles, the botox is injected topically into targeted problem areas. The most popularly treated area is the armpits, where people commonly suffer from excessive sweating. Any area of concern, however, can be reviewed for consultation upon request.

In only 15-30 minutes, the small pin-prick treatment blocks the nerve connections so that the sweat glands gradually reduce their overproduction of excretion. Results are noticed in just 3-4 days and take full effect around 2 weeks. Effects last for 6-9 months, at which time another brief treatment can be done.

Pain during the treatment is minute, but a numbing cream can be used prior at the patient’s request. Slight bruising for 24-48 hours is a typical side-effect. Feeling tender the day after is common. Otherwise, clients can expect to return home or to work right after treatment. Little aftercare is required aside from avoiding the use of chemical products in the treated area for a few days as it heals.

Excessive Sweating Can Be a Thing of Your Past

Severe side effects are rare and the safeness of the botox procedure has it medically approved in Canada. This treatment is highly recommended before going through major surgical operations. A follow-up appointment is recommended 2 weeks following the initial treatment. This is because an extra procedure may be required for any missed spots.

We’re excited to offer this minimally invasive solution against hyperhidrosis to our clients. It is, in our opinion, a great option for the best results without the need for surgery. You can obtain a worry-free lifestyle where sweating through your clothes is a thing of the past. Regain your confidence with botox for hyperhidrosis!

It is always recommended to consult with medical practitioners when considering botox injections. Our team of certified medical professionals is happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Contact our Montreal-based clinic today and book a consultation to discover the options that are best for you.